Types of Connector

Different types of fiber optics connectors

Fiber optics connectors are the end of optical fiber cable which provides a separable connection between two elements of electronic system withour signal distortion or loss of power.
There are several fiber optic connectors given below:

  1. LC Connector
    Small Form Factor plastic PUSH/PULL connector, 1.25mm ferrule
    Available in both simplex and duplex configurations
  2. SC Connector
    Plastic push/pull connector with a 2.5mm ferrule
    Popular in single mode fiber optic telecom and analog CATV, field deployed links
  3. FC Connector
    Metal screw on connector with a 2.5mm ferrule
    Mainly used in SM fiber optic for high speed link
  4. ST connector
    Metal bayonet coupled connector with a 2.5mm ferrule
    Available in both Multimode and Singlemode, indoor fiber optic LAN applications
  5. MTRJ Connector
    (Mechanical Transfer Registered Jack)
    Housing two fibers and mating together with locating pins on the plug
    Integrates two fiber into a single RJ45 connector design
  6. MU Connector
    Look like SC connector with 1.25 mm ferrule, can fit 2 channels in the same footprint of a single SC
    Available in Singlemode and multimode
  7. E2000 Connector
    Featuring a spring-loaded shutter which fully protects the ferrule from dust and scratches
    Available Single mode and multimode both