Cloud Services

Cloud Services

What is Cloud Services ?

The phrase “cloud services” refers to a variety of on-demand services supplied to businesses and users over the internet. Cloud Services are mainly designed to provide easy and affordable solutions to customers without holding in-premise structure. Generally Cloud Computing vendors like Amazon, Microsoft, Alibaba e.t.c provide these different cloud services to users and customers.

Different types of cloud computing

  • Private Cloud
  • Public Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Multi Clouds

Different Cloud Computing Services

  • SaaS ( Software-as-a-Service )
  • PaaS ( Platforms-as-a-Service )
  • IaaS ( Infrastructure-as-a-Service )

What Does Insight Technology Have to Offer?

From offering the service to customers or users to configuring these services to meet their needs, Insight Technology offers a broad range of cloud services. We provide optimization and troubleshooting support so consumers don’t have to pay for expensive services they might not need. We are also one of Alibaba’s partners in Nepal for offering cloud services and as an experience service provider we assure you to provide one of the most reliable structure you are asking for .