Hospitality Wi-Fi Solution

With the rapid advancement of the digital world, it is now necessary for service providers such as hotels, hospitals, coffee shops, , bookstores,governmental, and non-governmental to provide their customers with proper methods to access their digital world data such as email, social media sites, and personal information at higher speeds and with greater security. Due to the aforementioned rationale, guests frequently despise all other services provided by a service provider.


Insight Technology offers both wired and wireless solutions for a variety of topologies, from simple to sophisticated. We frequently acquire customers’ trust by offering continuous technical assistance, monitoring, and customization of older technology with simplicity and at a low cost. Insight Technology is continually delivering all WiFi solutions, including captive portals (Hotspot) for the hospitality industry.

What are we doing in the field of Hospitality Wi-Fi:

  1. Providing all wireless devices, as well as their software and wireless components.
  2. Offering a comprehensive range of captive portal solutions ( Commonly Termed as Hotspot ).
  3. System for Guest Access and Portal.
    1. Using your guest portal system to display advertisements and exclusive deals.
    2. Managing Portal Bandwidth and Access Time.
    3. Providing Voucher-based Captive Portal
    4. Billing and Offers for Frequently Visited User
  4. Security Monitoring and Compliance Devices
  5. Consultant in wireless and security.